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Top 7 Green Driving Tips

Tips for Eco / Green Driving

From Japan with love..

From Japan with love.. Your car's journey over to our Twin Isle

3 Most Common Brakes Noises

3 Most Common Brake Noises: Causes and How to Fix Them

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Auto Security

Auto Security is a must for all Car Purchases, nowadays you have to make sure you car is protected at all times.
At Vishnu Marajh Motors we have the best anti theft devices available to keep your car safe and sound.  Our technicians can install one of our insurance industry recommended alarms in your vehicle so you'll be protected from the very first day you pick up your new car.

The prices including installation are as follows:

Viper 3105                $1,500.00
Viper 3100                $1,300.00

This is just another part of our on going efforts to provide all of your automotive needs under one roof.