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From Japan with love..

From Japan with love.. Your car's journey over to our Twin Isle

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For those of you that would like to know about the journey you car makes from Japan to our showroom and then off to your own garage..  here’s how the story goes:

When Japanese car owners decide to sell their cars most of them will use one of the large Auction Houses to conveniently sell their vehicles for them.  This is where Vishnu Marajh Motors enters the picture, our buyers compete in the auctions to get the best cars among the hundreds that are in the auctions.

After purchase the cars then go to our storage yard where they are mechanically inspected and groomed.  The export documentation is then processed and the cars are then moved over to the port for loading onto the next available Pure Car Carrier (PCC) vessel.

The journey from Japan to Trinidad & Tobago is typically 6 weeks long with stops in Panama the USA and Kingston Jamaica.

Once the cars arrive to Port of Spain our local staff receives them, and takes them down to our facility in Cunupia, where the cars are once again groomed and serviced to have them in showroom condition.

When you select a vehicle we will take care of licensing and we can even look after your motor insurance and alarm installation if required. After license office produces the certified copy the vehicle will now be ready for pick up by you..  and that’s the end of one journey, and now begins the start of another with new owners.