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7 Tips to Help Your Vehicle Reach 200,000 Miles

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Proper wheel alignment makes your tires last longer, improves vheicle handling and safety, and also improves your gas mileage.

Trinidad & Tobago's rough roads and pot holes don't just make for an uncomfortable ride but they can also knock your wheels out of alignment.  Mis aligned wheels will make your vehicle pull to one side of the road, cut away at your tires, create vibration at the wheels and throughout the entire suspension.  It can really feel as though you are fighting with your car to keep it in a straight line.

Our technician are trained with the latest Four Wheel Computerized Alignment System.  We can precisely measure the angles of your wheels and reset them back to the manufacturer's settings.

Just a further bit of advice, it is always advisable to inspect your alignment after changing tires or after having done any suspension work.

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